An access and loyalty card for the Lucien Barrire casinos

Casino (30)Recent alterations in in france they rules for games and gambling have led to the Lucien Barriere Group implementing a brand new control access system to screen the site visitors for their multiple casinos in France. The Audience smartly switched this restriction into an chance by implementing a loyalty program according to this access card. The Evolis Tattoo printer was selected through the Lucien Barriere group to personalize all access and loyalty cards on-site.

November 2006: In France They rules regulating the gaming industry require each customer to some Casino to compulsorily produce an ID card in the access point. Although a constraint, this really is prevalent in a number of nations worldwide. The Lucien Barrire Group works several casinos in France as well as in Europe, and selected this moment to produce its Casinopass card that will function as an ID for that holder to get into their casinos. -We folded out this card just before November.1, 2006, and carried out a communication campaign to teach our clients and tell them they would henceforth need to show their ID card or passport in the entrance in our casinos-, recalls Christophe Chicoix IS Project Manager, Groupe Lucien Barrire. -We made the decision to benefit from what first made an appearance to become a constraint: our loyalty card allows us to adhere to our regulating obligation, it makes its holder feel different.-

Reward Loyalty

Upon entering an online casino, the holder of the Casinopass simply is applicable the credit card to some terminal which reads the embedded RFID nick. The holder’s picture is shown on a monitoring screen to authenticate his identity, to make sure that the holder has ended 18 years of age, which he isn’t featured with an official blacklist of bettors. Casinopass also provides benefits for example discount rates on shows, free drinks in the casino bar, discount rates on hotels and restaurants from the Groupe Lucien Barrire, invites to occasions, and much more. -This card is really a communication tool truly centered on the client-, adds Christophe Chicoix. -We are able to identify our most loyal clients and style personalized loyalty benefits in line with the quantity of visits of the individual-.

Interactive devices

Since April 2010, interactive devices can be found in the Lucien Barrire casinos for Casinopass holders. Several services can be found: agenda of occasions located in a casino, corporate information, in addition to particulars on jackpots to become won, the greatest jackpots gained ever, the most recent cash awards per gaming machine and the advantages of the Casinopass. A -casino coach- application will quickly be helping card holders to understand the guidelines of table games.

About 40 Evolis Tattoo ink jet printers are presently used in 35 casinos from the Groupe Lucien Barrire. They deliver Casinopasses, because of an easy three-step process. First, an image from the holder is taken because he hands in the application and presents his official ID. Next, the hostess feeds the data provided somewhere for delivering a customized card. All cards are pre-printed, and Tattoo only adds selected information for example, name, surname, the client ID number and also the card’s date of issuance. Finally, the hostess is definitely the card to some RFID readers. Within the system, the client has become associated with an alphanumeric key that’s baked into the credit card. Tattoo switched to attend the Lucien Barrire casinos, but additionally at other public and private organizations, what you want to personalize badges when needed, in big or small runs: membership cards, worker or customer badges, loyalty cards, and much more.

An excellent printing

Within seconds, the printer personalizes blank or pre-printed cards on one for reds, in monochrome or color. It requires just 7 seconds for any card in monochrome and 40 seconds colored. Tattoo prints texts, logos, bar code scanners and photographs, and may also scribe a magnetic stripe. Tattoo offers quality printing having a 300 dpi resolution and near-to-edge printing.

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